Sundance MetalArt - came about based on my life long interest in art and the creation of unusual and one of a kind pieces of jewelry and small art pieces.  I was an artist all through High school and college but decided to give that up for a more steady paycheck.   So I just did art as a hobby from the age of 18 until I turned 50.  At that time I was one of the lucky few that was blessed with a pension and a dual income household and a supportive wife so I was able to retire and pursue art again as a kind of full time thing.  I say as a kind of full time thing because “hey I am retired” so you can’t expect me to work normal hours now can you? I also took the concept of live fast and die young to hurt I just didn’t die young, So now the damage has caught up and some day’s aren’t as good as other but after 50 surgeries including the amputation of my right leg below the knee and a back broken into kindling wood.  But I have no complaints I’m still here and that’s something most people that treated their body like I did can’t say.  

Welcome To Sundance MetalArt

You've run across the site for Sundance MetalArt, A single artist but two person company owned and operated by Shawn and Diane Woolley of Gilbert and Payson Arizona.