Delivery Day for Small Studio 

It's Finally delivery Day 2-25-2014

Well It's finally delivery day been getting the dirt leveled and arranged and the whole works and the site looked good except the ramp was steep very steep in fact about a 30 degree steep and only about 12 feet long.  I kept asking it it was ok and everybody said sure no problem.  So finally it's BUILDING DELIVERY DAY! and what a delivery first the truck was huge the trailer is some 48 foot alone and the building was 12x14 and 14'6" Tall so big and the ramp was off a cul de sack and steep about 30 degree's so they started backing up and pulled forward and pulled back and they did this 16 times and I would bet the trailer never moved more than six inches from where it had been the first time they backed up! They finally decided it was close enough and lowered the ramp just squishing the pesky bush they had been trying to work around but after some tense moments and allot of starts and stops and panic it was down. Then they just were rocking and moving it into it's final position. Of course this is when the city showed up looking for a permit after one of my sweet neighbors called the police and the building department so a Bldg. Inspector showed up and we discussed what a side yard vs a back yards was and I finally said you can't say all my yards are side yards if I have a front yard then I also have a back yard and this has to be it and no permit is required here for a building of this size and here is a email from the Building Official confirming that. They took some picture looked around shrugged said they agreed and left. So now I have to think of a appropriate Mural to paint on the back to thank my snooty neighbors in the mansions behind me.  Either way it's in it's legal and now I can the start build out and start working in it.