My Gilbert Studio

Gilbert Arizona

Studio's the happiest place on earth for many artist's so they are as different as our art.   Don't believe my take a look on Pinterest or check out one of the magazines that show he creative places of many different Artists.  The below photo's show so of the views of my studio which is split into two rooms a 12x11 foot room where I do most of my design and finish work.  The other half is 50% of a gear age space and growing that's where I keep the messy tools like my two metal lathes, Drill Press, Mill, my Mill as well as my sandblaster and compressor and the polishers and other stuff that's dirty as well as most of the chemicals that make my wife nervous.    Like I said there are all kinds of artist but studios usually fall somewhere along the line from Pristine and organized to a totally demolished mess that only the artist can understand where the logic is and everything is located,  In case you can't tell I'm way, way, way down towards the messy end.  I keep it somewhat organized and keep a few flat defaces for work area's.  The other difference is the hidden storage or the I want to see everything I own artist method and again I'm on the everything has to be out and visible mindset (much to my poor wife's regret!)   I'm not sure what the steps to have somebody made into a Saint are but my wife should be exceptionally qualified.  she's a net freak and lives with me and between me and my choices and that pesky gravity she spends allot of time walking around looking at my trail through the house, heck through the world and shakes her head and talks softly to herself and if your wondering the words are not suitable for the young to hear.